Our students have been given an International passport (not real).  So far, they have taken out the stickers to place their entrance into Germany and Canada in their passport.

For Germany visit, Mrs. Sarah Juntune, our special guest, showed us how to make pretzels, which we ate the next week, and she told us a little about the country that she lived in.  We had the opportunity to make a pretend gingerbread cookie from paper, that the children there wear around their neck for Oktoberfest which is really in September.  We learned a song as we did an exercise to Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes in German.  For another snack, we had a buffet where we got to assemble cracker sandwiches with German sausage and cheese!

Canada is our topic last week and this week.  Mrs. Debbie had baked us fish sticks from Canada’s water.  They were gobbled up. We learned that the Maple leaf is the countries emblem and they have 10 types.  Learning about the flags from each country, the children have the opportunity to make a wind sock with the flag.  Did you know that Canada has more land mass than the USA?

Last week, we all got to use an apple slicer that spiral cuts, peels and cores.  We got to eat the peelings and placed the slices into a crock pot.  Next weeks snack will be our very own homemade applesauce made from 3 different types of apples!  YUM.

Every session, the BYC students have the opportunity to make many choices after they do their homework, silent read or practice math facts.  This year, we are offering yoga to students too!