Biking and Hiking

Biking (grades 4 – 12) and Hiking (grades 4 – 12) are offered Fall and Spring, making use of our beautiful Bellaire area and Glacial Hills trails. Mentors Paul, Deb and Ron are running the sessions. Registration and Waiver

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This free program is open to non-swimmers only in grades 1-6. Non-swimmers can’t or don’t know how to swim. Each student must attend all six (6) swimming classes and will be swimming at the end of the program. Parents must commit to sending their child to all six lessons or pay a $25 no-show penalty.Registration is open Monday, April 3 through April 12. Limited to the first 20 students. Parent letter, Application and Liability Statement are available in the school office. Questions? Call Grandma Dee at 231-377-7077

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Student Garden

Grades 5-128 Student Apprentice Openings10am-12pm • $10/hr. • 2-3 hrs./weekStudents must provide their own gloves and drink.Elementary School bathrooms are available.To apply, complete the application and return to the school office by May 30th. On May 31st. the mentor committee with select and notify students. Summer work schedulePlanting Days: Thursday, June 1st • 3-5pm & Saturday, June 3 • 10am-12pm

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Babysitting (Coming Soon)

Babysitting Certification, for grades 5 – 8, will be offered Winter 2023. These classes will help current and future babysitters learn universal skills and techniques over 4 weeks. Classes will include basic care for children, basic first aid, age-appropriate activities and emergency protocols.

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Grades 4-12 Location: Shed at Elementary School Ron Lynch is the Initiative Coordinator.Mentors are Paul De Lange and Deb Woodbeck. BYI has snowshoes available. Be sure to write on your your shoe size and if you need of snowshoes on your application. Registration and Waiver

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NRA Firearm Safety
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NRA Firearm Safety

NRA Gun Safety is offered for students in grades 5 –12. Certified NRA instructors lead the one-day class. Day one is focused on classwork; day two is at the NRA indoor shooting range. Course & Shooting PracticeFREE OF CHARGEAdults are welcome to learn to be mentors Jim Ribby - Certified instructorCourse Instruction: .22 rifle and handgun awarenessMiddle & High School Students(Limited to 15 students) Forest Home Township Hall Shooting PracticeFor those passing the course work,indoor shooting practice dates will be announced. Registration and Waiver

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