BYC is enjoying their country visits!

Our students have been given an International passport (not real).  So far, they have taken out the stickers to place their entrance into Germany and Canada in their passport. For Germany visit, Mrs. Sarah Juntune, our special guest, showed us how to make pretzels, which we ate the next week, and she told us a little about the country that she lived in.  We had the opportunity to make a pretend gingerbread cookie from paper, that the children there wear around their neck for Oktoberfest which is really in September.  We learned a song as we did an exercise to Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes in German.  For another snack, we had a buffet where we got to assemble cracker sandwiches with German sausage and cheese! Canada is our topic last week and this week.  Mrs. Debbie had baked us fish sticks from Canada's water.  They were gobbled up. We learned that the Maple leaf is the countries emblem and they have 10 types.  Learning about the flags from each country, the children have the opportunity to make a wind sock with the flag.  Did you know that Canada has more land mass than the USA? Last week, we all…

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Collector Handmade Toys Offered at the Rubber Ducky Day in Bellaire

The Bellaire Youth Center offered for sale many beautifully crafted wooden toys and more during the Rubber Ducky Arts and Crafts sale in August 2017.  Back in June 1993, the Antrim County News presented an article about the very same, Tatur-Bilt Wooden Toys and Such, a home business that were made by Ed and Alice Tatur.  The toy makers created doll houses, furniture, moveable toys and much more.  The toys were discovered in a recently purchased home on Lake Bellaire’s Cottage Drive from the 1990s. Proceeds were used for the 501C3 Bellaire Youth Center and programs this 2017-18 school year.

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Afterschool Enrichment Program @ BYC – 2017/18

The Bellaire Youth Center (BYC) is pleased to offer their FREE “Afterschool Enrichment Program” on Tuesdays from 3:00 – 5:00pm, during the 2017-2018 school year for all Bellaire children in the district.  BYC will begin our sessions on September 19th and end on May 8th, 2018. NEW this year, we will only be offering to the Kindergarten through Third graders. Our theme this year will be the “Magic of Stuff”!  Students will enjoy experimenting with many kinds of hands-on activities, conduct trials with ingredients, have fun assembling with various items from the junk tub, learn from technology using tablets, design creations using Legos, partake in Yoga, enjoy arts and crafts, games, Wii, and maybe learn a magic trick or two, plus more! Our BYC day starts with a Healthy Snack immediately, then all students are expected to work on homework with volunteer assistance, and then a wide assortment of free choices are offered for the remainder of the session. If weather permits, there will be outdoor activities offered. As the BYC Director, Mrs. Debbie, I look forward to offering opportunities for your children to have fun!  If you have any questions, concerns or just want to talk, please contact Debbie…

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Young chefs transform fresh ingredients into classic treats

BELLAIRE – It’s not surprising that so many kids are enrolled in the Bellaire Youth Initiative (BYI) cooking class. Now in its third year, the class is a great opportunity, with kids from fourth- through ninth grades being trained by two seasoned teachers, “Grandma” Dee Lynch and Scott Udell, a local chef known for his barbeque. The 16 kids attending the class spend five weeks learning to make salsa, spaghetti sauce, applesauce, and zucchini bread. According to current BYI board chair Bryan Hardy, all of the group’s class offerings are intended to provide step-by-step instruction to connect kids with the real world skills that used to be taught as part of a school’s regular curriculum. Since home economics classes are no longer offered in most public schools, the young chefs are savoring the opportunity of learning to navigate a kitchen. “We enlighten them about how life used to be,” Hardy said. “Doing things step-by-step from start to finish helps them understand how life used to be.” He added that all the offerings are meant to provide the kinds of practical education that the local school board cannot afford to offer. Other BYI classes have included biking, guitar, sewing, performing arts…

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Student Pantries

Student Pantries stock essential personal products and clothing for students, free of charge and are located at John Rogers Elementary School and Bellaire High School (for Middle and High schools). Items available include toiletries, washcloths, towels, pillows, blankets,underwear, casual clothing (such as sweatshirts and t-shirts) flannel shirts and sweaters, dress up clothes for parties and formals (such as dresses and suit jackets), shoes, boots, winter coats, hats, scarves and mittens.

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Grades 4-12 Students Shanty Creek Resort Schuss Mountain Golf ClubInstruction by Shanty Creek Resort Golf Professional Sturdy shoes required • Bring your own hat & drinkRegistration forms are available with your counselors and High School Office. Questions? Contact Ms. Pam Hall, Coordinator (512) 587-5629.

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Disc Golf

Disc Golf is offered Fall and Spring for students in grades 5 – 12 and takes place in the Elementary School open area. Danny Rodts, PE instructor, is the initiative leader.

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Student Garden

Grades 5-12 8 Student Apprentice Openings2 hours/week • $10/hourStudents must provide their own gloves and drink.Elementary School bathrooms are available.To apply, complete the application and return to the school office by May 3rd.On May 13th, the mentor committee with select and notify students. Students will be notified if work day is cancelled.Program Coordinator - Pam Hall Summer Work SchedulePlanting Days: Thursday, June 6th • 3-5pm & Saturday, June 8th • 10am-12pm Student Garden InformationDownload

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Grades 4-12 Location: Shed at Elementary School Ron Lynch is the Initiative Coordinator.Mentors are Paul De Lange and Deb Woodbeck. BYI has snowshoes available. Be sure to write on your your shoe size and if you need of snowshoes on your application. Registration and Waiver

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